Quick Skirt from a Vintage Sheet {Easter}

Last week my sister picked up a scrumptious yellow vintage sheet from the Goodwill for $3! I was so excited because she gave it to me. Once it was washed and laid out, I knew I wanted to make a simple skirt for Easter. 

Vintage sheet to a lined skirt. SugarBeans.org

This was my first sewing project in over a month; it felt so good to have the windows open {!!}, the music playing and my machine humming. 

The sheet was on the thin side and transparent, so I made this a lined-skirt. I had a white sheet on hand that I measured a little shorter than the skirt and began making rectangles. 

Lined- skirt. SugarBeans.org

I took my waist measurements and doubled that number for the width. For the length, I added 3 inches to where I wanted to skirt to stop {taking hem + elastic pocket into consideration}.

 Those flowers!!! 

Those flowers!!! 

Vintage Sheet Skirt. SugarBeans.org

This skirt was quick to make; just cut your rectangles to the size you are looking for, sew the lining into the skirt, add elastic and hem, done. It took me about 30 minutes to complete this skirt; I'm pretty confident my future holds more vintage sheet skirts. 

Yellow vintage sheet skirt. SugarBeans.org
Vintage sheet skirt. SugarBeans.org

With our recent trip to Dublin and Limerick and two birthdays for my Teens, my crafting time has been limited. This was a satisfying project to complete this week. It was fast + cute and now Mama has something new to wear that is unique and handmade-- just in time for Easter and the warmer weather. 

Happy Easter, Dear ones! 

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