Spicing it up and saving some $$

Last week, as I was making a salad dressing for dinner, I realized we had run out of poppy seeds; total bummer because they make the sauce. So, I asked my Darling Hubs to pick some up while he was out and on his way home. He willingly obliged because he's sweet like that. But when I saw how much $$ he paid for those black seeds, I felt sick. Just ridiculously priced. I then remembered the World Market had plastic packs of various spices and planned a trip to stock up. 


I was amazed at World Market's spice collection. { I have seen similar displays at some local stores as well, but not at the same low price}. Each of these packets of spice were .99!! Yes!  The 5 packs I bought are the most used spices in our house. Then, I noticed these cute glass jars with slotted tops-- perfect to house these spices and keep too much of the spice from dumping out all at once. 


These packs have a ziplock closures, but they don't stack well in my cupboard, so the jars are a lifesaver. And at only .99 each, a frugal deal as well. 

 These jars just make me smile!

These jars just make me smile!

A ten dollar investment helped me to organize my spices and save some $$: and the jars mean I only need to spend .99 next time for a refill. I've already made a list of future spices I'd like to pick up: curry powder, chili powder, jerk chicken spice, minced onion, bay leaves and more. 

Spice jars lined up. only .99

Trying to save a few dollars and getting organized is always a priority in my home. I'm not always successful at it, life does get busy and messy, but this little project helped accomplish both of those goals. 

What are some ways you stretch dollars at your house??