Spring Break Treats {Adventure Jars}

Today my Teens will wake up and open another Spring Break Treat// Adventure Jars. I filled repurposed jars with some goodies, added a colorful {spray-painted} lid with a specially chosen animal atop. 

So, here's the things about Teens:: they still LOVE little gifts + adventures. I know, we think they will outgrow some of their playfulness, but it's good news for us moms, because we get more time to wrap up some fun in a jar.

 The  bear, moose  + elephant are favorites of my Teens.

The bear, moose + elephant are favorites of my Teens.

Each jar contains some small special momentos, 2 wood colored pencils, a balloon with a rubber handle to pounce {many a battles will be had with those babies:}, some trivia cards + a prize for the trivia game winner.

Spring Break Treats in a Jar. SugarBeans.org

Again, this treat was not costly, but it will fill some moments with levity and silly fun. Mission accomplished if my Teens find a few moments of amusement + pleasure with one another.

Happy Spring Break, Dearies!