Happy Birthday, Mom!

My mom is special. She raised two girls alone, in a new country, with no language or family, but plenty of humor, joy and determination. She is definitely a hero of mine and I am blessed to call her MOM. Today is her birthday and I am in another country with my husband enjoying our 20th anniversary on a spectacular journey. Because of my absence, I had to plan way in advance for her gift. She was often around during my big Granny Stripe Afghan months and admired it, so I decided to make her a smaller, lap-size granny afghan. 

Lap-sized granny-stripe afghan. SugarBeans.org

Our family tradition is to place birthday gifts on the kitchen table on the morning of the Lovie's special day. This afghan will be on the table along with a crochet hook case she requested.

Crochet hook case. SugarBeans.org
Crochet hook cases. SugarBeans.org

In our absence, my daughter will have a quiet lunch with mom, and all of my Teens will smother her with love and tons of coffee to set her up for her special day. 

Granny stripe lap-sized afghan. SugarBeans.org

I love giving handmade! Happy Birthday Mama; can't wait to hug you soon. 

What are some of your favorite handmade items to give as gifts??