Spreading some Sunshine {Lots O Yellow}

This winter has been a long and cold one. Now that we are in the middle of March, I am just ready for some hot, bright sunshine; aren't you?!? I know it's not uncommon for some to feel low + blue when the weather stays gloomy for silly periods of time, so, I made some packs of sunshine to share with friends that God placed on my heart. 

Sunshine gifts. SugarBeans.org
Sunshine plates + winter gifts. SugarBeans.org

Those sweet plates were a recent .50 Goodwill find. I knew right away I would need to share this floral love with a few friends. I made the clips and purchased the rest at Target.

Spreading some Sunshine. SugarBeans.org

This really didn't cost a lot, and as I've already delivered two of the Yellow Packets, I know they encourage + uplift a weary Dear. 

 I wrote about those  cute felt clips  here  .

I wrote about those cute felt clips here.

Sunshine packs wrapped pretty + ready to be delivered. SugarBeans.org

I put all of the small biddle on the plate, then added strips of bright + cheery gingham fabric + paper doilies. 

Sunshine packets for friends. SugarBeans.org

This was so fun to put together. My middle daughter helped me pick out the sweet yellow bits. I have delivered two packets and have two more set aside for some Dear Hearts that are helping me with my Teens next week while my Hubs + I take a trip. Sunshine- worthy, for sure!