Another adult in the house

This past week has been full of celebration for our oldest "baby". She turned eighteen last week {!!!!} so we planned some fun family events in Cincinnati and she planned some friend time for later in the week. We hit some of her favorite places while in Ohio-- the Museum of Art, Ikea and the Old Spaghetti Factory. 

 Senior pics...

Senior pics...

This birthday was different. She is an adult now. She can drive, make her own plans + decisions for her future, choose a college, far or near. She was our little girl, needing us for every milestone, and now she seeks our input, but doesn't need it like before. She has her own dreams and ideals; her own plans and purposes that we can cheer on and encourage. And we do. It's a time for loosening the grip of our parenting roles and watching her journey in a new way.


Gone are the days of elaborate party planning with invitations and creative party favors. She wanted simple time with her special people, so a little banner was our only decoration for her quiet birthday bash.


These two: he's a freshman + has come to love his sister in a fresh way- listening to her, sharing with her and embracing her as an older mentor. What a blessing as a parent to observe the camaraderie that exists between siblings. 

These two got a little silly while waiting for our table at The Old Spaghetti Factory. And I just love being close-- watching and listening to the sometimes corny conversation between all of my Teens. 

We are leaning toward college decisions and majors; pretty big decisions for an eighteen year old. She is an adult now, and as she continues to grow + learn + hurt + love we will be the anchors at home, praying for her safety and path to remain steadfast + sure, relying on the One who can safely carry her through it ALL. 

Any advise for a first-time college Mama??

Feeling Blessed,