Winter Thrifting

In our area we are fortunate to have some wonderful thrifting opportunities. Taking advantage of  these stores has saved our large family many $$ over the years. With the growth spurts in my Teens, clothes are not worn long, so they are used to second hand. {Like their ugly sweater fascination}! There is always a thrill of the great, unexpected FIND while thrifting. 


.99 t-shirts for a future sewing project
2.99 lady bust for living room table (she now wears a pom-pom necklace
3.00 sunglasses EVERYDAY at our Goodwills
2.00 Vintage print Christmas sign
.69 children's books-- Can't wait to make some more Vintage banners for my Shop!! 
.69 LONDON tour book:: So excited about this:: preparing for our Anniversary trip next month!


This was a great haul! Now, if only I could find some vintage globes! I guess I will just have to continue on my quest for some cheap thrills; garage sale season comes after the frost--yippee!!

What deals do you love to come across??

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