Crochet iPhone Cases {gift it}

I get on craft kicks, gals. This season has been crochet or bust. The cold weather is conductive to being bundled under heaps of cotton or wool, producing fun bits for friends and future gifts. Last week, I stumbled upon this cute iPhone case pattern and settled into my cozy place and whipped up a bunch of these Little Pretties.

iphone case.jpg

I used a cotton blend of yarn, so these cases are crazy soft. Once I started, I couldn't stop; I have some of these cases stored in my gift closet for future biddle. The pattern is easy to adjust for a different model of phone, just add or subtract some stitches to match your needs. 

iphone case2.jpg
iphone case3.jpg
iphone case4.jpg

This is another wonderful project for new crocheters; there's only one stitch used for the entire pattern. Easy + satisfying. What friend wouldn't want one of these babies tucked with some chocolate + thoughtful note of encouragement?.? Handmade goodies are such fun gifts to give + receive. 

Is there a handmade item you received that meant a lot to you?? 
Happy weekend, friends!