An Evening of Hearts {Teen Time}

Last summer, my Hubs and I taught our Teens to play the card game of Hearts. After years of Chutes + Ladders, Life and Monopoly, it was thrilling to share the intricacies and strategy of Hearts with our older children. This past Friday we had an Evening of Hearts with our Teens and a handful of their friends. 

hearts rules.jpg

After the rules were explained, a Hearts Cheat Sheet was placed on the three tables to help with scoring and the order of the game. You can download this free Hearts Night printable to plan your own Hearts Night:)

The food was kept in the Hearts theme as well: Heart Rice Krispie pops, Heart cookies, Heart pizzas...

hearts food.jpg
hearts food2.jpg
hearts food3.jpg

After we munched on our heart delicacies, we separated the Teens to three tables of four. The rules were explained and the competition began. 

hearts game1.jpg
hearts game2.jpg

Bouts of laughter, pounding fists and screams were heard for hours; it did this Mama's heart good! This was a delightful respite from the snow and gloom of the many weeks of our indoor doldrums. 

 A speed game, of course. 

A speed game, of course. 

With a few seniors in the mix, I know these moments need to be savored and appreciated! February is a perfect time to host a Heart's Night! Grab your free printable and enjoy the Special people in your life.