Mini Applesauce Bread Loaves {gift + recipe}

Nothing says winter like cinnamon + apple scents wafting through the kitchen. After Christmas, I bought a pan on the clearance bin that had 4 mini loaves in one baking dish. It's perfect for making one recipe and sharing it with some Lovelies. 

applesauce bread.jpg

We love the natural chunky applesauce from Trader Joes and used it for this moist and tasty recipe. I found the Applesauce Bread recipe here, but made the following adjustments: half the oil + add 1/4 c more applesauce, divide the sugar (half brown sugar and half granulated sugar); added a crumble topping {1/4 c. chopped pecans, 1/4 c. brown sugar + dash of cinnamon}. 

 Poms make everything a little cuter, right?!?

Poms make everything a little cuter, right?!?

I wrapped the sweet little loaves in wax paper and embellished with twigs + poms. {I got this idea from the talented Cheryl, over at A Pretty Cool Life}.

bread + poms2.jpg

These were shared with some teachers around Valentine's Day. But, I am sure these little sweet cakes will make an appearance in the very near future in my home. One little loaf did not satisfy my large tribe of eaters:) 

Blessings to you, Sweeties!