Faux Antlers {tutorial}

A little while back, my Hubs and I had a leisure weekend at the beach in Michigan. We strolled, ate quiet meals, junk shopped and relaxed. While strolling along the still shore, we spotted numerous limbs of driftwood; these limbs were brought home to remind us of our weekend away, and hopefully incorporate into our home. First project: Faux Antlers. 

faux antlers4.jpg
Supplies. SugarBeans.org

Supplies: Unfinished wood plaque; $1.50 {w/ coupon at Michaels craft store}
                 Driftwood; FREE {sticks could work as well}
                 Scrapbook paper {already had in craft supplies}
                 Hanging hardward; $1.25 { w/ coupon at Hobby Lobby}
                  Strong Glue; {already had in supplies}

Step 1: Paint edges of wood plaque. 
Step 2: Cut wood ends on an angle for added surface area to glue. 

Step 3: Cut patterned paper to fit top of plaque. 
Step 4: Decoupage paper on plaque, then finish with 3 top coats. Let completely dry; 24 hours is a good rule.
Step 5: Affix driftwood to plaque with a strong adhesive glue. Hold for a few minutes and let dry overnight. 

faux antlers. SugarBeans.org

In the morning you are ready to add the hanging hardware and enjoy your new plaque. I think mine looks great in our **NEW** living room