Weekend Project {Fireplace make-over}

Last weekend's project is this weekends joy. We have lived in our current home for close to 14 years. In all of that time I have HATED our fireplace. It was dark, had an ugly grate and the mantle was an unsightly wood block cemented to the brick. It appeared that not a lot could be done. But, last weekend the skies parted, the energy and time needed to finish a project opened up and the surprise project became a reality. 

 I know: YUCK!

I know: YUCK!

This is what the fireplace looked like after the unsightly black grate and trim was removed. 

And this is what the fireplace looked like after a bucket of white paint was found in the basement {made this project feel like a freebie}! 

Painted fireplace project. SugarBeans.org

Oh, how I love white! Our entire room seems larger and cleaner. We just cleaned the brick with a vinegar/ water solution. Let it dry and began painting the brick with some white paint from last year's bathroom re-do. 

Painted brick fireplace project. SugarBeans.org

The gaping hole in the fireplace needed some help. Paper back books. Lots of 'em. Most were on hand, but some came from a quick trip to a thrift store. Cost: $5. 

So, tonight the kids are working on homework, and I am enjoying my NEW living room with a cup of tea and some crochet. Making something old and ugly feel new and beautiful on a budget just fills me to the brim. 

Makes me wonder what other projects could get completed from items already found in our home:)