New Vintage Book Banners {Etsy}

So this has been a good week. We are getting back into a loose routine after this cold snap that caused a lot of delays and cancellations of school and productivity! This house really does run better when the schedules are tight; all of this freedom {but nowhere to go} made for some Mad Hatter moments:) 

Good news: I was finally able to spend some time in my craft room. I whipped up some new Vintage Golden Book Banners for my Etsy Shop. I SOOO love the illustrations in these books.

 These three banners are ready to ship and in the  Shop .

These three banners are ready to ship and in the Shop.

Sometimes I come across some sweet vintage children's books and it's difficult to part with them; the colors or stories make me want to hang them all around my house! 

solar system4.jpg

This planets book reminds me of my early homeschooling days; the solar system was a favorite study. And this book includes such sweet illustrations and text. 

doctor banner2.jpg

The banners are a great way to reminisce and decorate with the books we grew up on. These books no longer need to be tucked in a bookcase relegated to quick glimpses while dusting. Enjoy the beauty of some fun + colorful illustrations and stories from times past.