Sweetheart Hoop Art

Things have been a little slow around here. The snow and temperatures have kept us indoors--lots of games, warm beverages and together time; maybe too much together time (wink). And because the Teens have been home more, my time to craft and create has been hampered and put on the back-burner. That's OK though, there is a season for everything, and this season is about slowing down, enjoying the quiet moments and sweet chats with my Lovies. During one of our recent home movie moments, I made a few Sweetheart Hoops!! Yippee for some crafting time!

Sweetheart Hoop Art.jpg
xo hoop.jpg

The first hoop is a combination of embroidery and pom-poms {made a ton of those too these last few weeks!} I started with some unbleached muslin and made the X markings with a disappearing ink. Then, I spaced the poms and began back-stitching. I love the variations of height and depth on this hoop!!

Oh Dear hoop.jpg

My sister is making some fun quilts and when I spied this print in her stash, I asked her for a piece. I LOVE birch trees and deer are always a good thing! So, I spelled out, OH DEAR with the same disappearing pen and stitched over it in blue. 

lace hoop.jpg

This little hoop is covered in unbleached muslin overlaid with some of my vintage lace--so dainty looking. 

sweetheart hoop2.jpg

Alone, the hoops are sweet, but as a trio, they make an adorable arrangement. These would make for some great Valentine gifts for some of your Darlings. 

Deer, vintage lace, and poms are making me smile lately. 

What makes your heart pitter-patter this season?