Vintage Hankie Table Runner {make it}

I have this sweet Aunt in Germany who loves to send random packages.  For some unexplained reason, she always includes some sweet, vintage handkerchiefs to the biddle box. I don't know why, I have never expressed a need or love of the soft square bits of fabric, and yet they arrive faithfully. Last month, I posted a Vintage Bunting I made with some of the hankies, but let's be clear- I have a lot of these sweeties- so it was time for another craft.

Hankie Logo.jpg

I picked some of my favorite prints and lined them up to determine the length needed to drape over the edges of my table. Once I found a sequence I liked, I sewed the hankies together with right sides facing. 

Hanky runner.jpg

Now, my table has a quick make-over, and I have a reminder of my Aunt's thoughtfulness. 


This is the place we gather to get caught up with one another, entertain ourselves and friends with games, eat a bounty and laugh. Sometimes cry. Life happens in this tiny part of our house that makes the other rooms pale in comparison. Cups of tea and goodies, books and homework often clutter it's surface, but every evening we put it back together to start fresh tomorrow. Always a new tomorrow.  

Cheers, Friends
xox- susan