Mug Swap {goodies revealed}

Last month {Mugswap 2013 Post} I entered my name for the third annual Mugswap organized by Kim over at ACuppaKim. I love the premise of sharing, giving and surprise, and Kim was a wiz with a vision to draw people together across states and beyond. I was blessed by my little box of sunshine from Loan over at Skip to the Details// Yellow was the theme.

mug swap.jpg
mug swap goodies.jpg
As you can see, the Mug was only a small portion of the treasures in my package; Loan spoiled me for sure. It was yellow sunshine in a box! So much thought and beauty for a stranger; I was overwhelmed with thankfulness and giddiness. {It is rare indeed to find a package on my doorstep anymore}. And Loan was a master at the packaging details; thanks, Dear!

I sent a little box of biddle to my swap partner, Elizabeth over at Until Only Love Remains. Be sure to sign up next year if this sounds like something you would be thrilled with; just do it. You will be blessed!

Have a lovely week,
xox- susan



Mug Swap!