Some firsts {my poor guinea}

We are experiencing some FIRSTS  over at our casa. And most of the firsts revolve around our first// our sweet seventeen year-old daughter. Firsts: driving downtown for school every day;   later curfew ; college visits & applications; jobs.....whew, I'm sitting here sweating as I relive the growing pains of watching my oldest child become a young and independent thinking adult. I know this is what we pray for, dream of, and anticipate. But, friends, it's hard too. So hard. And I get to do it 4. More. Times.

 Another first: graduation picture session.  

Another first: graduation picture session.  

As I look at her face and memorize her mannerisms, I still see her as only a mother can: her sick self at 10 days old after a major surgery, learning to walk on shaky legs, the excitement of meeting her siblings for the first time, special phrases she coined. These memories take me captive and I am lost in the mist of memory bites. She is her own. She is not mine, but sometimes I want to hold tight. I will catch myself staring at her as she draws, imagining the world God has planned for her, knowing that pain and disappointment will mingle with the joy. And I pray. A lot. Because God will finish what HE began. This is just the beginning.... 


So, here we go, baby, a new and ever-changing adventure, your journey. And I will try to keep it together as my little guinea helps us watch in wonder and awe {& some trepidation} as God does what He does best-- grow us, change us, help us, move us closer to His Will. Everyday. 

Learning & Living,
xox, susan