Sewing machine cover {from vintage pillow case}

About a year ago I stumbled upon a tutorial for a sewing machine cover made from vintage linens that I knew would be in my future. Time passed, other life 'issues' happened but I never forgot that sweet and easy tutorial by Candace over at Sparkle Power.  Here is the inspiration sewing machine cover:


I love the colors, prints and simplicity. Here is my version: 

machine cover.jpg

I used a vintage pillow case to make my cover. I had to trim the edges a bit, add some ribbon and sew shut. Follow Candace's full tutorial for any clarification. I wanted to make sure the casing details showed up on the front of the machine cover.  

sewing machine.jpg

I used this same print in my kitchen to make curtains from the matching sheet.

vintage machine cover.jpg

My .99 vintage pillow case just found a new purpose; it makes me smile whenever I slip the cover off my machine to do a little sewing. Those sweet, soft  yellowy flowers.... Hmmmm.

Happy Weekend, Friends!
xox- susan