Some sister love {biddle}

Last week my sister had surgery; all is well and she is healing comfortably surrounded by her favorite people, books and hobbies. And now that she has some time to sit and rest, she is stitching up a storm, and I was blessed by one of her sweet creations. 

 Isn't she cute?

Isn't she cute?

Being twins, we have similar styles and interests. While shopping or crafting, it is not uncommon for the other to ask, "Did you get/ make one for me?"  Ha! Often, we make more than one, knowing the question is looming.

This week I was blessed by a thoughtful gift from my Sissy. The unexpected is always a treat; now, I am working on my own little creations to bless someone in my life who could use a little boost of remembrance. Let the circle of love continue... 

What are some ways you show love to the people in your circle?? 

Feeling Blessed,
xox- susan