This & That.

With school starting, our lives get a little hectic. Being a teacher, I love this time of year: the smell of new books and folders, colored markers, reams of clean paper and office supplies galore. What I don't like is the craziness that comes with FIVE children and their increasingly full schedules// sports, piano lessons, events, oh my! Oh, and my house has dust everywhere from some home demo; I am convinced the motes and saw dust have clogged my brain and creativity because I can't seem to focus on anything for long. So, this is a little of This and a little of That: 

Listening  to James MacDonald's podcast on Psalm 23; refreshing and so liberating. This man speaks the truth with grace, humor and boldness. Go check it out, you will forever be changed.

Thrifting with globes and vintage linens on the mind. I just can't get enough of them! Once the dust settles in my clogged home, I am going to find a permanent home for these beauties.


 Working on getting my craft/ class room in order. It's just so full of stuff, and I have been utterly unmotivated to unravel the paperwork, filing and organizing needed to make it a functional space. Sad, I know.

Eating too much baklava!  We enjoyed an amazing Greek meal with some friends and the hostess made a pan of these gooey joy-bits. I now have the recipe and made a batch; they are GONE! Big problem:) {Baklava recipe


Annoyed  at my lack of concentration, messy & dirty reno house and lack of self-control around the above Greek dessert.

Reading  a book sent as a Biddle to me last month from a dear friend. Liking it so far. I'm sure God's ready to teach me something much needed; now I just need to have the focus to finish it!

Thankful for a day with a few of my children tomorrow in Cincinnati, shopping, eating and hitting the Jackpot// IKEA!! It's a short drive and home to the Gap clearance center; home of the $6 jean and $2 blouse. 

Seeing a little clearer with my new Firmoo prescription glasses. Last week I won a gift certificate to the online shop and found some $16 frames. With my coupon and shipping, I only paid $6!! I got them in the mail today {totally quick turnaround} and LOVE them. I have 2 children with glasses; I know where their new glasses are coming from.

Firmoo Glasses.jpg

Loving   this cooler weather and time outdoors. 
Hoping YOU   will share some of what is happening in your world right now... {in comments}

xox- susan