Scrappy Bunting {flying in the breeze}

We have had a wonderfully mild summer in the Midwest. The mosquitos have even been lulled and diverted from our little backyard haven. Because of these two lovely facts, my family has enjoyed more meals on the back patio than we have in recent years// LOVE it! I made a little Scrappy Bunting from vintage linens and hankies to adorn our outdoor patio table. 

bunting on patio.jpg

I have a sweet aunt in Germany who sends some swanky hankies in every package; I wanted to find a fun way to incorporate them into our home, and this is one of the ways.

bunting on umbrella.jpg

I ripped some vintage pillow cases to give them a shabby feel, and added some lace remnants to the fabric. I sewed the scrappy pieces onto a length of large ric-rac, leaving a few inches bare at each end to use as ties. 

Photo Jul 26, 4 30 23 PM.jpg