Some kitchen cuties {Ikea to the rescue}

I have a tiny kitchen. It's longish and narrow. With seven peeps in the house this is NOT the place where we can congregate, but with the amount of time I spend in the kitchen, I like to make it bright, fun and manageable. The last time I was in Cincinnati, I stopped by Ikea and found a great bar that hangs under cabinets.  

 $3 bar + 99 cent hooks + 10 minutes installation =  additional storage, and aesthetics. 

hanging cups.jpg
hanging mugs.jpg

Now I get to display my .50 mugs found at Goodwill.
They came with some retro saucers my girls and I love. We are hoping to have a tea with friends soon to make the most of these Cuties. Until then, they will hang proudly in my small, yet happy kitchen.


 My Goodwill treasures!

My Goodwill treasures!

Thanks Ikea and Goodwill for helping me to add some whimsy to my work space.
What lovelies are in your kitchen?? 

xox- susan