And we're off....

It's been a few days of quiet around here since school started, and I've got mixed emotions about it. I love having a consistent schedule {cause that's the kind of gal I am} but I miss those big kids. They make me laugh. They challenge me to be my best. They are some of the greatest people I know. My blessings.  

But, I still have one at home. She's my eighth grader and she's home schooled by moi. This is my thirteenth year of schooling and also my last. Next year she will join the ranks of High Schooler with her brothers. Because she is creative and loves a little DIY, we worked on turning a tired lazy Susan into a table carousel for her art and school supplies. 

lazy susan.jpg

We spray painted a lazy Susan a cute eggshell blue. Because we didn't want the paint to scratch from constant use, we placed a vintage hanky over it and then layered the {thrifted} containers filled with markers, pencils and scissors. The globe bank was a recent Goodwill find; SCORE!  

School supplies.jpg

The pink Pyrex and white milk glass were finds from my Holland, Michigan trip with the hubs. It's not a big change, but it was fun to find something already around the house and update it. My daughter loves her new work area, and having some little pretties  at arms length is a good thing. 

What items do you like to have in your work space?? 

Happy Day to you, friends!
xox- susan