Hi Q {Game}

So, in the fourth grade it rained A LOT. I remember this sad truth because we had way too many days of indoor recess and for a while it bummed me out. But then I discovered Chinese jacks, Hi Q and chess. These games were the RAGE for me and my 10 year-old friends; competitions were fierce and frequent on Friday afternoons. So, you can imagine my very undignified squeal of delight when I came across a Hi Q game while thrifting with my Man.

 A childhood game: $1.99!! 

A childhood game: $1.99!! 

The object of the game is for the player to jump pegs and end up with the fewest number of pegs on the board. I bought it as a fun reminder hoping the kids would have some fun with it; especially the kids that need encouragement to find solitary entertainment. The funny thing is that it has been used EVERY day since I brought it home. It has followed us to my son's basketball games, at the table after dinner and even in the car as we scoot to an activity. 

Hi Q set up.jpg

My Hubs has the best game so far; only 2 pegs left on the board. This has been a surprising diversion {& it's not even raining!!}
Now , I need to find some Chinese jacks. Remember those?? Colored plastic rings connected into a ball; similar rules to traditional jacks, but more hand bouncing and tossing. My friends and I even traded colors.

What were some of your favorite childhood games?
xox- susan