{Girl} Teen Time w/ Love Does.

I love the freedom that SUMMER affords this crazy family of seven. No carpools, sports tourneys, or homework to battle through. There are down days of just reading, hanging by the pool or finding ways to create {art, videos, and books so far}.  It soothes my soul. I can relax and find ways to connect separately with my teens. My two older daughters are 4 years apart and their temperaments are vastly divergent; this can lead to great collaborations or stress and misunderstandings. So for the last couple of summers, the older girls and I go through a book together over Iced Teas {&cookies...} at McAlisters Deli. This Summer we are going through Love Does by Bob Goff. 

Love Does Book.jpg

Tonight is our first discussion. It's almost as if something loosens within us as we sip our teas in the outdoor patio. No younger sibs or brothers around. Just the older girls chatting about older "stuff". It amazes me that a few bucks and a change of location can open hearts and loosen tongues. I am SOOOO excited! I have been praying about being more intentional in areas of my life and spending time with theses girls is just the start. {My oldest leaves for college next summer; I'm soaking her in}.

Also, I found this great Discussion guide on Bob Goff's website for the book. Go get it!! Tonight we start the LOVE DOES journey. I'm praying for heart chats, heart change and giggles. 

xox- susan