Circle of Grace {book}

Every six weeks or so, a few of us meet to discuss a book selection. Last night our book club met to discuss Circle of Grace by Penelope Stokes.  

The book follows four women with different lifestyles and backgrounds connecting for a common purpose to fulfill a class assignment. Over their college years they bond in a way that only college roommates can; they share intimacies, tragedies and major life events. Once graduation arrives, they commit to stay in touch by chronicling their lives in a circle journal that will be passed around. Thirty years pass. Their lives have drifted apart and by an act of desperation, a reunion is planned that changes everything. 

Our discussion of this book led to chats of our "circle of grace"- the women who have seen our dark sides, held us during deep waters and laughed through tears. Time can pass, seasons change, but with these friends the connection remains steadfast. This book makes me want to write to each of my 'grace girls' sharing how God used them to make me the woman I am today; difficulties, weddings, babies and all. Old friends are dear friends!

"Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light."-
Helen Keller

Praying that I can be a better friend this week. 

xox- susan