New Rhythms

As we approach Mother's Day, I of course think of my baby stories and the beautiful blessing of being Mama to my five. I remember the anticipation and joy of meeting each one for the first time; bringing them home and introducing them to other excited family members, and adjusting to the new normal of a first child or additions. The sleepless nights, nursing, diapers, juggling full-time teaching with the new role of Mama, were a huge part of my life for many years, but those years have been in the rear-view mirror for some time. We have new rhythms at our house; the sleepless nights now come from waiting to hear the garage door open with a safe teen behind the wheel returning from babysitting. 

 I now have more time for hobbies {like sewing!}

I now have more time for hobbies {like sewing!}

I am getting used to the new rhythms in our house. My kids can now get around town without me, they make plans that don't include me, they can cook for themselves and have opinions solely their own. It's fun, amazing and scary. They are becoming more independent and I'm learning to enjoy all that that encompasses // deeper conversations, shared interests, laughter. 

My sweet hubs is transferring our old video of the children onto DVD for my Mother's Day gift; I'm thrilled! The best of both worlds, watching my babies with my teens sitting close.  

xox- susan