Simple Family Fun

I LOVE Friday nights; it's a prelude to a couple of evenings with some pretty cool people- my hubs and kiddos. We are a laid back crew and love simple movie nights with yummy snacks and cool homemade smoothies {Costco or I provide the yummy snacks & the Hubs whips up some pretty tasty and healthy smoothies} . This weekend a couple of the teens are gone doing their thing, and it's just not the same. I know we are headed into the land of "the rarely seen teen", and that's why these moments of us ALL being together become more precious. These years are whizzing by friends, and I am hanging on while loosening my grip ever so slightly {a hard task after 17+ years of parenting these "babies"}. Usually, our children look forward to these times at home and more often friends of theirs join in on the family-movie-snack-fest. For the boys especially, the snack choices are of great importance.....


A favorite family snack right now: G.H. Cretors Chicago Mix popcorn. It's incredibly dangerous! There were samples at Costco {clever marketing scheme // it works every time} . It's a combination of sweet carmel popcorn and salty cheesy popcorn- an explosion of tasty goodness. 

My hubs smoothies consist of: orange juice, frozen pineapple, mango, & peaches, bananas, ice and vanilla yogurt. 

Family movie nights are still a hit; even the teens hate missing out!
How does your family make fun memories? 

xox- susan