Summer: 2013 Teen Bucket List

Two of our children are finished with school for the year, and by the end of this week, three more will join the ranks of 'teen summer retirees'. With a house-full of antsy-pantsy kiddos, I've learned to have some plans and projects in the works to keep hands and minds busy. This year we have created a Teen Bucket List.  

  1. Learn new card game {DONE}
  2. Make homemade lemonade
  3. Paint a room in the house  {DONE}
  4. Sleep-over with best friends {DONE}
  5. Camping in the backyard
  6. Water gun fight  {DONE}
  7. Cookout and bonfire with 'smores {DONE}
  8. Week away from parents {stay with family friends}
  9. Summer free movies {theatre or park}  {DONE}
  10. Picnic and kites
  11. Monon water park
  12. Monon bike trail
  13. Movie trilogy marathon  {DONE}
  14. Mini garden plantings in backyard
  15. Summer reading program @ Library
  16. Make a new friend
  17. Encouraging note to friend and sent in snail mail
  18. Pick an official 2013 Summer family theme song
  19. Make video for above song
  20. DIY party
  21. Tattoo tan
  22. All-nighter
  23. Eat something new from different country
  24. Go to drive-in movie
  25. Rearrange furniture
  26. Bowling
  27. Get a tan {bottle tan is acceptable}
  28. Visit a Zoo {DONE}
  29. Indianapolis Museum of Art
  30. Make an original piece of artwork
  31. Serve at food pantry  {DONE}
  32. Road trip {DONE}
  33. Homemade dessert, shared with neighbors/ friends  {DONE}
  34. Fix tree house
  35. Chocolate covered frozen bananas
  36. Red's/ Indians Baseball Game
  37. Outdoor flea market  {DONE}
  38. Play in the rain  {DONE}
  39. Carve name in tree {in our yard}
  40. Roast marshmallows
  41. Make fruit smoothies  {DONE}
  42. Keep Thankful log
  43. Spend one-on-one time with each sibling separately
  44. Midnight showing of summer movie
  45. Earn money {DONE}
  46. Porch party
  47. Surprise someone with Biddle on doorstep  {DONE}
  48. Iced tea and lawn chairs day {books included}
  49. Summer mission trip {DONE}
  50. Improve a skill {basketball, sewing, art, writing..}
  51. Finish 4 novels
  52. Serve someone else for an entire day
  53. Party favors for random summer holiday
  54. Wear sunglasses for an entire day {inside too}
  55. Write love notes to each family member
  56. Classic movie night
  57. Game night {with prizes} 
  58. Make a meal for a family
  59. Day at Oma's house doing whatever she needs {yard work, lifting, cleaning} 
  60. Share Jesus with someone! 

If we accomplish a few of these activities every week, we will have had a fun-filled, productive and loving summer together. Cheers, friends, summer is upon us!! Yippee! 

xox- susan