Pining for some California Time...

As we have been pondering our summer vacation plans, my husband and I realized it's been  9 YEARS since we've visited our home state of California. It kinda made me sad; it's just SO far away from Indiana! We miss our friends, familiar places, Disneyland {tried Disneyworld and it's just not the same} and this piggy of a Mama misses real Mexican food and In-N-Out Burger! There's just no replacing the best. 

 California notebook cover from my Etsy Shop.

California notebook cover from my Etsy Shop.

Last year we pondered the idea of taking the entire family to California for about 5 seconds! Flights for seven people + food + accommodations + gas and ....the list goes on. Our plans turned to destinations closer to home; Lake Michigan. And you know what? We were pleasantly surprised. Mama got her beach and book time in. Pops got the great outdoors and adventures, and the kids loved the beachy hikes, drive-in movie theatre and cherry festival. Vacations are the best! As we plan this summer's trip, I still pine for California and all she has to offer, but I'm finding new beauty in what is close to this home of ours in Indiana.  

xox- susan

What are some of your fun summer plans??