Teacher Blessings and Ending Strong

Twenty years ago I had my first class of second graders. I was so thrilled to have my own classroom {albeit totally empty} that Arizona's 112 degree temperatures WITHOUT air conditioning, lack of preparation time {hired 5 days before school started} and utter lack of connections {just moved to the state} didn't deter or discourage me in any way. On that first day of class, I was eager to meet and love on my 28 children; they were so small and sweaty {remember, no air conditioning}; they were mine to nurture and train and prepare. And I truly loved every moment!!

It's been two decades since my teaching career began, and I have had the beautiful privilege of teaching in the public school system and homeschool. No matter the venue, good teachers are a blessing and JOY to every family. So, bless your teacher this May. I  know that some of the best blessings come in the form of words from a parent or student; teachers carry a connection with our children that is rare // they spend a lot of time together//.

 I'm thinking the Fox frame will NOT be used as a teacher gift:)

I'm thinking the Fox frame will NOT be used as a teacher gift:)

We are planning on sending handmade gifts {like these AppliquΓ©d shapes in vintage frames} + gift cards {in Vintage Envelopes} to our teachers next week.  The kids will write their personal notes this weekend and put some final touches on the packaging. Let's end this school year strong! {Then all the fun, relaxation and sleeping-in can begin!!}

xox- susan