Summer Adventure- Reboot

Since moving to the midwest {14 years ago!}, our family has been eager to visit some traditional middle country sights. We have ventured to many bordering states and some east coast ones as well. One sight I have ALWAYS wanted to see is Mt. Rushmore! It's regal; it's historical; it's amazing!! A few years ago, while homeschooling we studied the making of Mt. Rushmore pretty thoroughly // the builder, the reasons for the 4 heads, the problems faced to complete the monument// all of the nitty-gritty that made the monument real and fabulous. 

 Isn't it breathtaking??   (Source)

Isn't it breathtaking??  (Source)

So, my sweet Hubs began to plan a family trip to South Dakota, in an attempt to fulfill a childhood dream of mine. He searched for weeks to find a home to fit our family's needs. Each house fell through at the last minute. After 3 attempts, we felt our family wasn't meant to venture into Mt. Rushmore land; boo:( We had to reboot our vacation plans and since our kids love the outdoors we knew it would have to include mountains and water. Looks like Asheville, North Carolina will have our crew roaming it's mountaintops and streams. Mt. Rushmore will continue to be a dream....for now. 

Now, if you are planning a summer trip that requires some time in the car, I am going to recommend you zip over to your local library or Amazon and get the audio version of  The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane  by Kate DiCamillo. We listened to this lovely tale on our way to Michigan last summer and it was a HUGE hit with all ages; my mom was so engrossed in the story that when we had to stop for lunch, she ate much faster than usual to return to Edward's Adventures. Heartwarming!


No matter the destination, vacation with my family brings joy and refreshment to my soul.  

What are some of your summer adventures? 

xox- susan