The Summer of '86 {early project}

I was 16 years old {Yikes; that was many summers ago!} and ready for my first patterned project. After junior high sewing class, fun summers sewing easy elastic-banded shorts and crafts galore, I felt ready to walk into a fabric shop, buy a fun pattern and sew something new using the crinkly, brown tissue-paper as my guide. As I was searching through large cumbersome pattern catalogs, my eyes would quickly glance at button-hole and zipper projects and move on. I knew I didn't want to mess with those things. My eyes rested on a pattern for Raggedy Ann and Andy softies; it was love at first sight!

 My first big project using a pattern; age 16.

My first big project using a pattern; age 16.

It took me an entire weekend of sewing nonstop to make these old-timers. At the time, I followed the pattern pretty literally; if the pattern called for striped fabric for the legs, that's what I got. I regretted that decision pretty quickly, but I did end up with the traditional version of the dolls. This project really stretched my sewing abilities and my old, cranky sewing machine. {The seam ripper was a dear friend that weekend}

Ann and Andy joined me in my college years and each of my children have had them in their rooms at some point. They are stained, ragged around the edges, and deeply loved. I look at them sitting in my hallway and remember that I can do new, difficult tasks; I can learn and explore creative avenues that at one point seemed too hard.  

What inspires you to create?? 

xox- susan