Happy Mother's Day {& fun finds}

It's been a delightful start to Mother's Day weekend! Last night my oldest daughter and I enjoyed some one-on-one time for eats and haircuts. These moments are increasingly difficult to arrange on Friday nights; if she's not out with friends, she's babysitting, so this Mama was thrilled to have some face time. We then took a 45 minute drive to see our favorite hair dresser// Jamie//. Jamie and I became great friends during our adoption process. Our sons are from the same orphanage, and we were blessed to get court dates on the same day {a total God-thing!} We spent 5 weeks together in Ukraine, laughing loudly and connecting over strange happenings and adventures. My kids and I can't wait for hair cut days! {My reason is also mandated by an increasingly noticeable skunk formation of gray on the crown of my head; EEK!!}

 Love finding super sewing finds!

Love finding super sewing finds!

Today I invited my mom over to join my daughters and I on a garage sale adventure. With the lure of coffee she joined us. It was a cold morning, but we did score a few finds. The hoops were $.50, $1 for zippers and fabric scraps, & $3 for a BOX of vintage patterns (only a small portion shown in picture, aren't they cute??) So fun!  

Yesterday, I was in the craft room sewing 12 Vintage Fabric Envelopes for my small group of middle school girls; tonight we end our ministry year, and it's a celebration at church {junk food, games and laughs}. This is the kind of weekend I could get used to!

Happy Mother's Day, friends! Wish I could hug each of you!!

xox- susan