I have historically not been a dreamer.  There are plenty that come to me while I sleep, but the daytime ones that encourage one to live beyond the present and envision loveliness beyond what one can see, or expect to attain, have eluded me for years.  I am forty-some years old (YIKES!) and have just begun to dream bigger than my circumstances.  

Being raised by a German-speaking single-mother in Los Angeles, California, we had little time for dreams; keeping up with the demands of daily needs kept us busy and satisfied. I graduated high school, then college. Got married. Had a career. Had babies.  Life was moving without much thought for the 10-year plan or future expectations. I mean, we paid our mortgage, lived life with joy and purpose and enjoyed deep and meaningful relationships. The dreaming I'm talking about is the "beyond". To me, having dreams meant being dissatisfied or discontented with my lot in life; a seeking of something beyond my grasp or not meant for "someone like me". And I was SO pleased with my life; what else could I possibly dream about?   

But I married a lovely dreamer! He had visions and plans. He loved to imagine, while being completely content in his life's path. What?! How could these two ideas reside in a person? Contentment and dreams cohabiting without one devouring the other. Simply amazing! After almost 20 years of marriage, I am learning from his dreams. I am attempting to do something I never thought possible- this blog and my fun, little Etsy Shop. Honestly, there is a part of me that thinks I am not worthy or creative enough to inspire or encourage anyone. But I am learning to be a Dreamer. I am new at this, so I know there will be a learning curve. I have an amazing mentor in my Hubs to help and lift me up along the way. I have a merciful, loving, Creator who has dreams for me. I am in Good Hands.

"Hold fast to dreams,  
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird, 
That cannot fly."
 - Langston Hughes

Let's fly, Friends!!