Thrifty Days

This past weekend was the first Saturday of the month.  For us Goodwill shoppers that means HALF-OFF everything! Happy Dance, and twirls. It's been a while since I've joined the masses, but the thrill of the unknown-find drew me in.  I LOVE a good deal.  With five children, a house to maintain and friends to Biddle, I need a place to find reasonably priced home goods, clothes and fun nonsense. This weekend did not disappoint.  I spent $9 on: 4 pairs of slippers (new from Target), a vintage inspired pink radio for my sewing room (new from Target), some adorable mini tea cups, new mini serving cups and a vintage-y American Tourister carry-on bag! Such a happy moment.


Now, I have some items for my girls' Easter baskets. Not every trip is as fruitful, but I'm willing to take the risk knowing an amazing find could be behind those blue doors.     

Here, in Indiana it's too cold to garage sale right now; BUT I'm looking forward to the thaw for even more happy finds.

What are some of your thrifty finds??