I grew up in a house of ONLY women. No sports on TV. No shaving kits. No masculine touches of any kind. This was my "normal" and of course I became accustomed to it.   Obviously, I understood the physical differences, but it wasn't until I married a man  that I realized men and women are different in some very practical ways. 

This week, some of my family accompanied a large group of homeschool junior-high boys to Springfield, Missouri for a basketball tournament.  While here, I have been enthralled and encouraged by this amazing group of young men who are building sportsmanship and healthy competition through friendship and a genuine concern for more than the scoreboard and final rank. 

Here are some observations: 
      *Boys like food and lots of it at all hours of the day
      *Boys like to play games that are physical
Boys can be sensitive and compassionate toward one another
          {although they won't admit it}.
      *Teenage boys still gravitate toward adults for conversation and encouragement
          {I especially love this one; the myth that our teens are a lost cause is a LIE}
      *Fun activity is the backbone to bonding with other teens
      *Less is sometimes MORE {especially words}

I love all my children immensely, but the different-ness of boys enthralls me. They can be covered in dirt and kind at the same time. Sweaty and exhausted, but still reach out to hold my hand.  Let's be honest,  the days that will happen are coming to a close and it's healthy and natural for his world to expand. So, this week, I am enjoying the burgers at Fuddruckers, talk of basketball brackets, smelly clothes and deep, belly laughs as my boy lives, loves and grows.

xo- Susan