A Quick Stop in St. Louis

This weekend a smaller contingency of our family drove through St. Louis, heading to the National Homeschool Basketball Tournament in Springfield, Missouri.  I wish we could have stayed longer, but we had to make-do with the drive-by vignette of this amazing midwest town. We sped by the Arch on the highway; the overcast day didn't do justice to this landmark.  As I was driving, my husband was looking on his phone for a local place to find some yummies for our growling tummies.  What he found was dangerous! There was a write-up about World's Fair Donuts that heralded a blast-to-the-past flare with an old-time feel and baked goods. FABULOUS! The shop's owner had a spectacular beehive piled on her head. They used a vintage cash register to manually ring up all orders. Not only did they have AMAZING donuts, but they had hand-held fruit and pudding pies that were heavenly! She layered 2 hand pies and 6 donuts into a white box, each separated by thin layers of gooey tissue paper {yes, we were piggies and ate two each; yikes!} and we left feeling like we participated in a little bit of history.

Across the street from the donut shop, we saw an outdoor/ garden shop that we popped into.  Believe me, it was a quick stop because those donuts in the white box were calling to us. But we found some fun, unique,  quirky items for the garden and home.  Oh,  St. Louis, I will return some day and take the time to enjoy all that your lovely city has to offer.  The donuts alone will draw me back!