Time-Traveling Pics

Last year, while shopping at one of the most addictive and colorful places, Target, I came across some beautiful art prints by Mandy Lynne. Her art has a nostalgic, vintage-vibe that I immediately fell in love with and proceeded to add to my shopping buggy. It was difficult choosing just one. So with a few prints happily nesting in my car, I came home to find just the right place to display these beauties. My daughters fell in love with them as well, so now we have a few rooms arrayed with these heirloom prints. 

The colors and themes make me feel like I've traveled to another place and time. Gorgeous. And let's be honest; taking a little break to appreciate the beauty around us is a good and healthy thing.  

I just discovered that Mandy Lynne sells her gems on Etsy. Thrilled! Just placed my first order; happy dance!

Adding some lovelies to a home can bring such joy!