After reading the book,The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman, I became more aware of how important giving gifts can be.  I LOVE thinking of family and friends and finding just the right Biddle for them.

What is Biddle?? 

Many years ago during my teaching years, I job-shared with my sweet friend, Beth.  We were both having baby boys and wanted to spend more time at home nesting (and resting). When I returned from my maternity leave, I noticed a lovely, gift-filled brown bag on my desk welcoming me back to work! It was so unexpected and truly thoughtful that I was speechless (rare).  I asked Beth about her thoughtfulness and she replied, "Oh, it's just a little Biddle." Not understanding, she explained. While growing up in Philadelphia, her neighbors, named Biddle, always carried things around in brown paper bags. She began to associate gifts in paper bags as Biddle. Now I do too. 

To be biddled by a friend who understood my heart in a difficult moment was  wonderful!  Some chocolates, a pad of notebook paper and a note goes a long way to encourage and lift a person's spirit.  Now, I biddle friends for special occasions or for no reason at all. It feels good.      

Challenge: Seek a soul who needs some encouragement and biddle them this week! 

Share some of your Biddle ideas....