A Handmade Christmas {gift giving}

Making handmade gifts is almost as fun as giving them away! I love the process of making  something from odd bits of fabric, yarn or paper; repurposing has found it's way into my handmade {like my Men's Shirt Apron, vintage envelopes, fabric tape, vintage book bunting, & more:} and it just plain makes me happy! 

Here are some items I have been working on for Christmas gift giving:

 Fun candy-cane inspired mug rugs.

Fun candy-cane inspired mug rugs.

I follow some pretty creative ladies on IG, and Elizabeth over at Sew Chatty shared her pattern for this simple mug rug recently and I whipped up a bunch as teacher gifts.

christmas hoops.jpg

I shared how I make these simple beauties recently HERE. Because Vintage printed fabric + small hoops go hand-in-hand. These will be attached to some of the gifts mentioned in this post. {need to hold onto a few of these cuties....}

 Everything looks better in a cute stocking, right?

Everything looks better in a cute stocking, right?

I made a few of these to have on hand for those unexpected moments// when someone pops over with a gift in hand and you are unprepared but want to pass on a little something-- perfect for that moment. { There a couple of these small stockings in my shop if you are not inclined to sew:}.

baby banner.jpg

Repurposing these vintage Little Golden Books into banners are a favorite. What was once hidden in a book case, can now be admired year-round. I have some of these Vintage Book Banners in my Shop as well. 

Creating handmade gifts does not have to be difficult or overly costly; and by adding the element of repurposed items, charm and thoughtfulness can abound. 

May your Joy abound still more and more, 
xox- susan