*Day 4: St. Nicholas Shoes {Christmas for Teens}

I grew up with a few Christmas traditions that arose from my mother's upbringing in rural Germany-- the advent calendar and St. Nicholas shoes. We were told if we had a good year, St. Nick would bring small treats to the waiting shoes outside our bedroom door {on the morning of December 6}, if not so good, no treats. We loved the special chocolates and small ornaments that were sometimes sent with love from family in Germany; shoes filled to the brim. 

 My crew's St. Nicholas shoes.

My crew's St. Nicholas shoes.

boys st nick.jpg

I like adding small bits of love based on current interests. Each year it changes; for years the boys wanted Lego figures, but alas, they have grown beyond those dear toys this year (kinda made me sad). The beef jerky is a new fascination, the socks were asked for, I promise, and the candy, yeah, that's easy. 

boys shoes.jpg
 For my girls.

For my girls.

The girls are easy. They love make-up, nail polish, cute Christmas ornaments, and of course, the candy. Polish .99, tic tacs $1, Make-up $4, ornaments $2-6. The St. Nicholas chocolates are from Germany, carried at our local Aldi's {love that place!!!} 

girls shoes.jpg

My Sweet Hubs and I LOVE putting these inexpensive, but thoughtful gifts together for the Teens. We reminisce about years past// like the year one of the kiddos pulled out the biggest boot they could find, hoping for more// and the years my mother lived with us and added her own dear touches to the treasures. 

st nicks shoes2.jpg

I am dying over my oldest Teen's shoe with the zipper on the side; her shoe is literally bursting with sweetness! 

Happy St. Nicholas Day, Friends!