Happy New Year!! {Welcome 2014!}

I hope you and your Sweeties had a wonderful New Year's celebration. Whether you were sitting at home relaxing with some special peeps and food or hitting the town with late night events, may your way of entering in the NEW be memorable. For my little crew, we headed to some friends for games, eats and a movie; relaxing and perfect for us oldies:)

Thank YOU for making this space fun and a place to explore dreams and chronicle the little bits of my life that expand my mind and stretch my creativity. Your sweet comments and silent reads bless me tremendously! Here is a small recap of some of the Sugar Beans favorites:

And so, I look forward with JOY and anticipation what is in store for Sugar Beans, my family, my heart and my relationships in 2014. I am confident of this: He has a plan, He is worthy of praise {all the time} and He will guide my steps. 

Many blessings to you this upcoming year, sweet Friend!