*Day 11: Loving the Littles {Christmas for Teens}

Sometimes it can be hard for a teen to see past their own life “stuff.”  Ours are no strangers to the occasional sulk.  One thing that helps is time with the “Littles” in their lives. Often, a favorite part of the week is Saturday evening serving their Littles at church. My three oldest all lead small groups of elementary aged kids; and they come home with tales of sweet prayers, kind words and the simple joy that comes from connecting with their charges on a weekly basis. 


 Something about this time helps my teens remember that they really do have a place in this world. That perspective helps carry them through some of the other challenges that tend to pop-up from time to time. 


Having something to offer their Littles at church has led to enjoying time with smaller kids in other contexts too.  Often when we’re visiting family friends, our teens get swamped by littles at the door; and they will spend the rest of the evening being dragged into various tea-parties and Candyland games.


Everyone loves to be valued, and I’m grateful that the “Littles” in our lives offer a place where the teens can begin to experience the joy of showing someone else they matter.