*Day 10: Ornaments {Christmas for Teens}

In the fourth grade, my teacher had us make the most memorable ornaments EVER! I was so enthralled by them, I promised myself I would make them again one day. This time, I had my Teens help with the card-cutting-fun. 

card ornaments.jpg

To make these glittery orbs, all you need are old Christmas cards, {hard to get these now since everyone sends photo cards; cute, but hard to use for crafts} glitter, glue, ribbon and a circle template. The larger the circle, the larger the orb. We made a couple of different sizes. Cut 20 same-sized circles to make one orb.

ornament shape.jpg

Draw a triangle in the circle and fold the on the lines. Once all 20 circles are complete and folded, glue the sides together--5 circles for the top and bottom, 10 circles for the middle. Add a loop of ribbon in the middle of the top 5 triangles while you are gluing the pieces together. Pinch the folds with your fingers for a moment to keep them from popping open. 

card ornament2.jpg

Once the orb is dried, add some glue to the edges and roll in glitter. Now, the ornaments are ready to hang on your tree, added to a gift or placed in a bowl as a centerpiece.