*Day 9: Christmas Movie at a Theater {Christmas for Teens}

This may sound like a simple, no-brainer kind of activity, but when a household has 7 people in it, nothing is simple or cheap. We LOVE the size of our family! But we have learned there are limitations to our resources: time, money and car space; so we pace the activities the family enjoy // movies in the theater as a family are usually relegated to a Christmas opening and a summer flick. This Christmas we watched, The Hobbit at the movie theater.


My nephew joined us for a matinee show which thrilled my Teens to bits. Now that he and my older daughter are seniors in high school, our time with them is scarce. But moments like these draw all the chicklets home:)

 My nephew + 5.

My nephew + 5.

I love the Christmas season for moments like these: my favorite people together, laughing, making memories while appreciating the simple things in life. There really is nothing more precious. I am soaking it all in, Friends, letting the together-time wash over me, quieting the parts that want to rush around 'getting things done'. 

xox- susan