*Day 6: Community Service {Christmas for Teens}

We are fortunate to live in a place and time where food is in abundance and easy to access. That is not the case for many people in thousands of communities around the world; so we try to find ways to be a solution to a very big problem. Our children totally embrace this way of life and actually encourage us to take bigger steps in our meager attempts at meeting the needs of God's children. 

For 10 years we have sponsored a sweet boy from Nicaragua through Compassion International; we pray for him, and love receiving updates on his life. A few years ago my oldest daughter adopted a boy through World Vision and pays his monthly sponsorship out of her own funds. We hosted a darling Ukrainian boy five years ago for the summer, and that led to adopting 2 older children from Ukraine {my kids REALLY pushed the adoption and still ask if we will do it again!} I say all of this to emphasize this point: My teens often were the forces {through prayer and long conversations} that pushed these larger acts of service and sacrifice. 

green bags.jpg

A simple way to help and encourage those in need is through our churches Choice Food Pantry. My daughter and I serve weekly helping families shop for food and pray for needs; it's part of our homeschool schedule that we especially love. And during the holidays, the hours are extended and our entire family can serve together! Truly, our Christmas wouldn't be the same without this tradition. 

There are so many ways to connect and help during the Christmas season; often schools, churches, or charities have opportunities to serve in abundance this time of year. Looking around the neighborhood for a single mother or older couple to serve can be meaningful and turn into a long-term source of encouragement and support for all involved. Simple is super. {Think: food drive, coat drive, glove collection, serving hot drinks downtown, buying a meal for homeless woman on the corner, meal for homebound or sick, yard work, shoveling snow, free child care for single mother}. 

These simple acts of meeting someone's tangible needs bleeds into other areas of LIFE and serve as reminders that we CAN DO something to HELP, and SERVE and not live solely for self. My Teens can be the hands and feet of Him; and it's pretty darn amazing to behold!

Boundless blessings,