*Day 1: Advent Calendars {Christmas for Teens}

Today is the first post in my 12 Days of Christmas for Teens series! Yippee! This time of year can be hectic and stress-filled, so adding a little simple fun to the season and participating in new or time-tested traditions can bring smiles and remind us of the bigger meaning behind the music, gifts and rush. 



Growing up, money was tight. But the one thing my mom splurged on during the holidays was a chocolate Advent Calendar to mark each day in December. It was a tradition we LOVED, and it's one I have passed on to my children. My 17 year-old still looks forward to opening a door each day and seeing what chocolate shape emerges. I have a feeling that I will be sending these off to college in the years to come:)

advent calendar.jpg

I got these Beauties at Ikea; the 5 chocolate ones are for each of my Teens. The larger St. Nicholas calendar is for the family; I am going to be adding strips of paper with verses, tasks, prayers or activities in each door.


In addition to the chocolate and St. Nicholas calendars, I purchased a gorgeous and meaningful card Advent calendar from Naptime Diaries. Each day is a beautiful art print with an attribute or reminder of Christ's place in Christmas. LOVE IT!!


Traditions that we began when my kiddos were younger, still please my Teens today-- that's kind of what traditions are set up to do// remind us of times past. The advent calendar is one of those time-tested traditions that we still love and look forward to. Simple. Cheap. Memory Makers. 

Let the December festivities begin!
xox- susan