Some fun pockets added to a favorite frock

My mother, oldest daughter and I had the privilege of taking a dream trip to Germany for a visit with family and friends a few years ago. It had been 20 years since my last visit, and my first trip with a small piece of my new family since marriage. A treat in every way. While visiting, eating pastries and shopping our way through towns and burgs, we stumbled upon a quaint clothing shop where I found a couple of linen frocks that are favorites still. The gray frock had some funky pockets that always bugged me, so this weekend {only a couple of years late} I pulled off the old pockets and added some taller, colorful ones!!


Just looking at these pockets make me HAPPY.  My hands can now easily reach into the depths and store my reading glasses {a constant companion these days!} pens, a small notebook, and oh, so much more.

Another bonus: I was able to use some of my recently acquired vintage lace.  

 The   BEFORE   frock: droopy pockets that I couldn't reach because of the low placement.

The BEFORE frock: droopy pockets that I couldn't reach because of the low placement.

I started by using my seam ripper to remove the saggy pockets. Then, I used the old pockets to mark the width dimensions, and added some height. Next, I cut 4 pockets of the same black vintage fabric and sewed the vintage lace along the top of two fabric pieces. Place two pockets facing one another and sew around the perimeter, leaving a two inch opening for turning out. Repeat. Iron. Finally, I sewed the pockets around three sides leaving the top open.


Now, I have a favorite frock updated to my liking, with a whole new function and look.  I usually wear the frock with another favorite: a cozy cowl; this one is available right now in my Etsy shop!  

Cozying up this season,  

xox- susan