Making a Passel of Tassels

Do you ever have something you begin, and then once you start, it's difficult to stop? Ya, that happened to me last weekend. It was cold outside. I was feeling a little under the weather and the kids threw on an old family favorite film {Star Wars} while I fiddled around with yarn. I started making pom-poms {see my pom-pom bookmarks} and then moved on to yarn garlands; colorful, whimsical bits of wool scattered about the house// 

passel of tassels1.jpg

If you are in the mood to work with yarn and make some tassels, check out Jacks & Kate's Tutorial.


Because I left long tails on my tassels {needed some length to make bows for my Removable Tassels}  I just knotted them on a length of twine to make a garland. 


Add a bit of washi tape and this garland can hang just about anywhere! I used this one as a backdrop for some future posts.  

WARNING: once you start winding and wrapping yarn to make tassels, you will want to make more, hang them all over the house in EVERY color imaginable!  

Go on, make a few. {cute ideas for Christmas packaging using tassels, too!}
xox- susan